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2014 Sparrow Drive


On Saturday, February 1st., the Audubon Society will host the annual sparrow drive in the Weeki Wachee Preserve in Hernando County. The goal is to flush sparrows and capture them in mist nests for banding.

Volunteers will walk in lines through the grass and short shrubs, flushing sparrows and other grassland birds into a long line of mist nets for capture and banding. You will be able to see and photograph wintering grassland sparrows up close as birds are removed from mist nets and at the banding station on site. Terrain is uneven ground with grass and most shrubs not more than thigh-high on a 6′ tall person.

Common captures are Henslow’s, Le Conte’s, Grasshopper, Swamp, and Savannah sparrows.

Email Marianne Korosy for more information and to sign up.

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