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Ford Transit: Backup Camera Trailer Hookup

The factory installed Ford Transit backup camera has proven to be a great addition to the vehicle and hooking up a trailer has become a routine task.

travel-trailerThis will make my life a lot simpler! Backing up my vehicle close to and straight in front of the hitch of a trailer has become a one-person job. During the years that I traveled with a travel trailer, I had a system in place where one person sits behind the wheel, while the other stays close to the front of the trailer, yet in sight of the driver; Continue reading Ford Transit: Backup Camera Trailer Hookup

Front Parking Sensor

Removal of the front bumper is the biggest drawback while installing this parking aide. The previously installed backup parking sensor, had a quickly removable rear bumper; the front bumper involves dozens of screws, bolts, clips and clasps.

The firewall is another unexpected hassle, together with the power source and switch location. The backup parking is only activated when the van is in reverse, while the sensor in the front needs a manual on/off switch. The 12V power can be drawn from a number of different sources, all in close proximity of the switch.

I did it all in about six hours, but with an extra set of hands you can finish this project much faster.

As always, I have detailed every step on the Project’s Page, and added lots of pictures, a video and a project guide, free for you to download.

Mod: Front Parking Sensor

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Why I Order Chinese And Get It Delivered

Buying overseas goods has become much easier and we can take advantage of that during our RV conversion. The inherent risks are manageable and the savings substantial.

As the start of the cargo van conversion comes closer, it’s time to get the first mods. Lots of materials will have a local supplier, such as your DIY Super Store and only require a short trip to buy what you need.
Yet many items have to be ordered and delivered by mail or shipping company and as the world gets smaller, that resource doesn’t have to be in your state or even in the US.
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12V Cooling Fan

The compartment under the bed that will hold the charger, controller, inverter, etc. is a small enclosure and needs some form of cooling.  I choose a 5” computer fan with thermal control, that automatically adjusts its speed as the temperature rises. Other considerations were low noise level (<18dB), high airflow volume (up to 42cfm) and low current (<0.2A).



8182The package includes the fan, the thermal sensor, an extension wire and some screws.


83Installation will be as high as possible, because that’s where the hot air is. I make a simple paper pattern of the opening of the fan and glue it with some spray adhesive, on the outside of the compartment.


8485With a Dremel tool, a rough opening is created and later sanded smooth. At the same time the screw holes are predrilled.


8687The fan is now installed directly under the 12V Power Socket with the 4 included screws.


Now we need an outside cover.


A solid, but thin piece of cherry will function as the base for the fan cover. A small piece of window screening material is applied to both sides of the cover and fastened with a few staples. Two screws hold it in place.


The toilet is still visible under the pull-out shelf; next to it are the 12V power socket and the new fan with cover. At the end of the bed, at the rear doors, is an entry light and a 110V outlet. The flooring is Trafficmaster Allure Ultra.


Speed sensor repair


Just in time for the holidays my odometer stopped working. Quick research pointed in the direction of the speed sensor and the van’s maintenance codes confirmed that. A visit to the auto shop resulted in a new replacement part.

5 Minutes under the van at the transmission completed the job. I have to remind myself to give the van a full inspection, before leaving on extended trips.


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