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October Weeki Wachee River Report

Sunday, October 6, 2013

sunraysOn the water at 8 AM to avoid the crowds that appear two hours later. I like to kayak the lower parts of the river first (above the major housing developments around Rogers Park); here, most of the Weeki Wachee is surrounded by Federal and State lands which remain in a natural state.
As an added bonus, on Sunday morning the traffic on nearby roads is minimal, thus little or no traffic noise.
This morning I can hear the silence, when the early rays of sunshine penetrate the canopy. Being quiet is a virtue now; only paddles sliding through the water, and a distant screech of an owl, disturbed by my intrusion in his territory.
My only encounter of a manatee with calf is at the junction with channel 13; they did not approach me, so I was quickly on my way to the Weeki Wachee spring at a distance of about 5 miles.

crowdExcept for a few schools of fish and a couple of turtles, no other animals were encountered. Flowering plants can be found throughout the year and today was no exception. Half way upriver, I encounter the first groups of paddlers that enter the river at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. Unfortunately, this means an end to my quiet trip, but another hour against a steady flow of water. The water levels are higher lately, probably because of the summer rains and the river is narrowing in many places, where the trees are hanging over the river and maneuvering around half-submerged trees sometimes is a little tricky.