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Monitor Console

Between the window and the side doors is a narrow strip of wall available to house a small console. It is the future location of the battery monitor and a reading light.


With a narrow piece of wood, the length of the console, placed against the inside wall, the curve of the wall is transferred to the wood. Back in the workshop the form is cut and adjusted to get a perfect fit.

04In the meantime, some wood is planed to a 1/2” thickness and the form is temporarily attached to it. With a straight-edge bit, the form is exactly copied to the wood. This and another copy are the two sides of the console.

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Bed, Wall & Window

Before continuing with the other side of the van interior, it’s time to put the wall and window above the bed, back together again.
Two issues remain: the battery cables and the solar controller cable need to be installed. The other is the decision I have to make, whether to go ahead with batting as insulation or choose a foam product.

Despite some negative comments about the batting material, it has served me well over the years. On the other hand, spray foam would do a better job in filling all the little air pockets in the walls. Some people, however, have mentioned a squeaking noise while driving. Have you any thoughts about it?

4041The original wall panel is still around. The covering is removed and the plywood base is what we have to work with. I could copy it to a new, one-piece sheet of plywood, but it is in a condition to be reused.

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Progress update

Just one picture this time as an appetizer. After finishing the pull-out shelf under the bed, I’ve been quite busy working on the rear doors. I already removed the fabric covered panels and decided to replace them with built-in cabinetry. There is only 3″-4″ depth available, but every little bit of storage counts in a van.

As you can see, the cabinet itself is almost finished.


I’m working on the driver’s side rear door, but the other rear door needs one too. To finalize it, I need to create two new fabric covered panels. I haven’t yet decided on the updated fabrics, however they have to be ordered a.s.a.p.

In the next few days I’ll post an update of the finished cabinet.


Poll: Floor covering

As always, I am already thinking about and preparing for the next phase in this project.

Before going any further, I’ll have to finish the floor covering. The easy way to go is a cheap, lightweight carpet, but soon I started thinking about office carpet for its durability. Then other choices popped up:

  • Carpet: regular, berber, office.
  • Vinyl or vinyl tiles.
  • Wood floor.
  • Any rubberized materials?

I have to keep in mind that with a rigid material, like tiles or wood, that the vertical coverings such as the motor hub in the front of the van will need an alternative product.

What innovative materials would you suggest? Poll closed.