Plan Your Visit

Weeki Wachee River
When planning your trip to the Weeki Wachee River, choose your season first, followed by the accommodation, the place you want to stay.
After making your hotel/motel or camping reservations, you can create your To-Do list and fill it with a multiple of recreational activities the area has to offer.


1. Seasons
Floria has mainly two seasons: an oppressively hot & humid summer and a winter with great daytime weather, but with cooler nights. The best times to visit are April/May and September/November, when both day-and nighttime temperatures are delightful.
2. Lodging
In a 5-mile radius, Hernando County offers 8 hotels/motels and 4 campgrounds. Furthermore, many local casual dining establishments will keep you and your family well-fed.
3. Activities
Weeki Wachee is probably best known for its spring and her mermaids, that have been performing here since the 1940’s. At least as good is the river that flows from it on a 7-mile journey to the Gulf. Within a short distance, there are many opportunities for easy dayhikes, moderate kayak trips or a lazy day at the beach. More activities »


Did You Know?


The Seminoles are actually a union of several native american tribes, and occupied the Southeastern United States for more than 12,000 years. They were finally granted U.S. citizenship in 1934.

Enjoy the hidden gems Weeki Wachee has to offer.