Some are only a trickle of water that bubble up directly from the ground, others yield millions of gallons per day. Their average temperature is 72°F (22°C), which makes them an ideal place to swim, dive or just float in a inner tube.

Florida’s abundance of springs does not stop at its present shoreline. Florida has an undocumented number of offshore springs. Although offshore springs may be discharging brackish to saline water today, they almost certainly discharged fresh water during times of lowered sea levels when prehistoric human occupation occurred at these sites.

spring shedsHernando County contains mainly three springsheds, each with a number of springs. A spring recharge basin, or springshed, is the area where water can be shown to contribute to the ground-water flow system that discharges from the spring. Click on your spring to view more information.

Weeki Wachee Springshed

Weeki Wachee Spring

Weeki Wachee Spring is located in Hernando County at the southwest corner of the intersection of US 19 & SR 50 and is part of the Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, home of the world famous Weeki Wachee mermaids. Access is limited to viewing from the submerged theater. Weeki Wachee is a Seminole Indian expression that means “little spring” or “winding river.” The spring pool is 100 ft. wide and as a first magnitude spring, daily flow is more than 170 million gallons. It hosts lots of fresh and salt water fishes, turtles and an occasional pair of otters. The Weeki Wachee River flows westward approx. 5 mi. to the Gulf of Mexico. The spring has a cave system that is more than 400 ft deep, which makes it the deepest cave passage system in the US. Twin Dees Spring (Little Spring) and Unknown Spring No. 3 are nearby.

Location: N 28°31’02.6″ – W 82°34’24.4″

Twin Dees Spring

twin deesTwin D’s (Little Spring) is a 2nd magnitude spring, located southwest of Weeki Wachee’s main spring on property of the Florida Park Service. The spring pool is approx. 75 ft. long and 35 ft. wide. It consists of 2 vent openings and 2 spring runs that flow northward into the Weeki Wachee River.
twin dees cavern systemThis inconspicuous spring offers very restricted access to the deepest cave passage system in the US.

Location: N 28°30’48.0″ – W 82°34’52.0″

Jenkins Spring

jenkins springJenkins Spring is located inside Jenkins Creek Park off Shoal Line Road in West Hernando County. The spring pool is elliptical in shape; approx. 200 ft. in length and 60 ft. wide. The spring is at the eastern side of the pool at 15 ft. deep; tidally influenced, the water is clear and it has a good flow. There are 2 spring runs, one run flows to the south and the other flows northwest.

Location: N 28°31’19.5″ – W 82°38’02.4″

Mud Spring

mud springMud Spring is located at the head of Mud River. Access is 400 ft. south of SR 50, 0.5 mi. west of Shoal Line Blvd. The spring has a strong flow, which can form a surface boil at low tide. The water is as clear as mud. This spring is tidally influenced and drains into the Mud River.

Location: N 28°32’48.3″ – W 82°37’30.8″

Salt Spring

salt springThe 2nd magnitude Salt Spring is located on private property approx. 3.6 mi. west of intersection US 19 & SR 50 and 100 ft. south of SR 50. The spring pool is approx. 60 ft. wide and is located in a subtropical hardwood and palm hammock. The spring has two vents: one in the middle of the pool, the other a small hole in the northwest side; it produces a noticeable boil near the center of the pool. The spring pool drains through a spring run that flows to the southeast, then southwest into the Mud River. This spring is tidally influenced. Access is by canoe or kayak from the river.

Location: N 28°32’46.6″ – W 82°37’08.6″

Aripeka Springshed

Boat Spring

boat springBoat Spring is located on SWIFTMUD property west of US 19 off CR 595 on Jebert Road in SW Hernando County. It consists of 5 vents in cavernous limestone with a pool approx. 40ft. long and 20 ft. wide. It does not have any noticeable boils and the spring is surrounded with native vegetation such as cabbage palm, ferns and magnolia trees. The spring run flows through an adjacent salt-water marsch before reaching Hammock Creek.

Location: N 28°26’11.5″ – W 82°39’23.2″

Aripeka Spring 1

Location: N 28°26’19.0″ – W 82°39’32.0″

Aripeka Spring 2

Location: N 28°26’07.0″ – W 82°39’32.0″

Magnolia Spring

magnolia springMagnolia Spring is located on private property west of US 19 off CR 595 on Jebert Road in SW Hernando County. The spring pool is approx. 60 ft. in length and 40 ft. wide. There are several boils present within the spring; one medium size boil and approx. 11 smaller boils. The spring is surrounded by vegetation which includes cabbage palms, ferns, banana trees and magnolia trees. The spring forms a run that flows to the southeast, then curves back to the northwest before entering Hammock Creek.

Location: N 28°25’59.3″ – W 82°39’25.4″

Gator Spring

gator springGator Spring is located on private property west of US 19 off CR 595 close to Jebert Road in SW Hernando County. A minor, 4th magnitude spring with an elongated spring pool measuring 195 ft. long and 110 ft. wide and approx. 5 ft. deep. Gator Spring run flows southwest into upper Magnolia Spring Run.

Location: N 28°26’02.8″ – W 82°39’05.6″

Bobhill Spring

bobhill springBobhill Spring is located on private property 400 ft. west of US 19 and County Line Road. The spring vent is on the south side of the spring pool at a depth of 15 ft. It has a strong flow and the water is very clear. The spring pool is approx. 100 ft. in length and 75 ft. wide and does not have any noticeable boils. The spring discharges through Bayou Creek and Bayou Lake westward into the Gulf of Mexico.

Location: N 28°26’06.3″ – W 82°38’28.0″

Chassahowitzka Springshed

Ryles Spring

Ryles Spring is a 2nd magnitude spring, located at the head of Ryle Creek, which flows into the lower Chassahowitzka River. The spring is located where the tree-lined hammocks transition into the open salt marshes. The spring pool is 40 ft. wide and a spring boil is present over the vent.

Location: N 28°41’14.0″ – W 82°36’51.0″

Rita Marie Springs

Rita Marie Springs is a 3rd magnitude spring.

Location: N 28°41’25.0″ – W 82°35’20.0″

Blue Run Spring

Location: N 28°41’13.0″ – W 82°36’05.0″

Betty Jay Spring

Location: N 28°41’26.0″ – W 82°35’30.0″

Blind Spring

Blind Spring is a 2nd magnitude spring, located at the head of Blind Creek, which flows west into the Gulf of Mexico. Access to the spring is by water only. The spring pool is 100 ft. wide. Blind Creek goes underground here and continues southeast to Beauford Spring. The tides influence the waters of Blind Spring and lower Blind Creek.

Location: N 28°39’28.3″ – W 82°38’04.6″

Beauford Spring

beauford springBeauford Spring is located southeast from Blind Spring, where the creek goes underground approx. 0.7 mi. in southeastern direction, where it reemerges as Lower Blind Creek. From here it continues another 2.8 mi. to Beauford Spring at the head waters of Blind Creek.

Location: N 28°38’10.0″ – W 82°35’47.0″

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