2017-2018 Hog Hunting Season

The Southwest Florida Water Management District has organized a new series of Hog hunts throughout the year to help reduce the wild hog population.

Wild hogs are a non-native species can have a negative impact on our preservation lands. This includes:

  • Preying on native wildlife, competing with native species for food and transmitting diseases to other wildlife, livestock and humans.
  • Damage with their broad snouts can leave an area looking like a plowed field.
  • Wild boars may facilitate the spread of exotic plant species by transporting seeds and/or providing germination sites through rooting.

This Feral Hog Dog Hunt Program is put together to reduce the wild hog population or to at least keep it within manageable numbers on District lands.

The District has a three-phased hunting system. The first two phases of hunts can be registered for through Hoghunts.Watermatters.org. The cost is $75 for each permit. All 12 Phase 1 and 2 top producers will be offered participation in a minimum of two management hunts throughout the non-hunting season.

This is the ninth consecutive year for the hunts. Last year’s hunts removed 560 hogs on 10 different tracts of land throughout the District.


Much more information and permits are available online.

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