Bay Scallop Season June 27-September 24

For three months of the year Bay Scallop Season allows local residents and visitors to harvest these delicacies on the West coast of Florida from Aripeka, Hernando County northwards. In 2015, open harvest season for bay scallops along Florida’s Gulf coast runs from June 27 – September 24.

scallop zone mapIts popularity may be the cause of its decline as a natural resource. The 2015 Annual abundance survey from the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission finds the local scallop population ‘vulnerable’ with less than 1 scallop per 12 square yards.

Reasons for the decline can be attributed to environmental events such as hurricanes, major tropical storms and El Niño or a decline in water quality, polution or overfishing.

The daily bag limit is 2 gallons whole bay scallops in shell or 1 pint of bay scallop meat per person (max. 10 gal. of whole bay scallops in shell or 1/2 gal. bay scallop meat per vessel).

For more information: Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission


2 thoughts on “Bay Scallop Season June 27-September 24”

  1. New to area(Hernando cty) where would I go to snorkel and look for scallops with teenage grandkids?
    Is there somewhere you can park and get in water?

    1. Dear Terrie:

      Anywhere along Hernando’s coast line is a prime location for scallop diving. From Aripeka northward, Hernando Beach, Pine Island County Park, Bayport Park and Jenkins Creek Park are easy access points with the latter, probably the most suitable for children. They all have parking available and some have boat ramps. When you make a short round trip between Aripeka and Pine Island, you will find many more spots to do some Sunday afternoon scalloping, however parking will be very limited outside the developed areas.

      You can wade out from the beach to a grassy flat or boat to a shallow spot offshore. Most experienced scallop seekers prefer to snorkel or scuba dive further from shore in the shallow waters of the Gulf Coast.

      The 2015 Scallop Season runs through September 24th and recreational harvesters need a Florida saltwater fishing license to harvest bay scallops.

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